A number of us spent the day at the lovely Bryn-Y-Groes Conference Centre on the shore of Lake Bala.

We spent time singing, praying, and studying the Bible, but also it was lovely simply spending extended time together in such beautiful surroundings.

If you missed it this year be sure to keep an eye out - we'll be doing this again!

Every May we hold a cake sale for different local charities.

This year we again held an Easter Holiday Craft club with absolutely loads of brilliant craft activities for children of all ages. We even had some singing as we celebrated the Easter story!

Everyone had such a lovely time - thank you to all who came!

Once again, Glyn Thursfield treated us to a fascinating (and fun!) evening about gardening. His knowledge is encyclopaedic, and was most evident when we all produced the various cuttings and curiosities we'd brought from our own gardens. Glyn answered everything with clarity and a real sense of humour ;)

We never need much of an excuse for a meal together, but the first pay-day after Christmas is always something to look forward to!

We put in big orders to various local takeaways who delivered to the church at 5:30 on Saturday evening and it was all absolutely delicious - even better with such great company!

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